‘Divine TOUCH’- a tactile art workshop for children with visual impairment

With an approach towards accessing and engaging with the stories of the various pieces of divinities in the collection of the museum, like Buddha and its various
representation from Central Asia and other parts, Mohini, Ganesha, Shiva, and for its wide array of specially able and visually challenged enthusiasts and history lovers, we present our proposal the Divine Touch.
The main aim of this proposal is to make the event, spaces and its programs more
welcoming and accessible to the visually impaired so that one goes back with a fulfilling experience. What we are focusing is on, is creating a tangible experience, with the use of braille equipped tactile renditions to understand the various iconographies, symbols and representation of these divinities with our specially designed ‘Braille Tactile Art Charts’. So that get can go through the entire process by engaging their multiple senses.

TEDx TALKS – ‘Power of Touch’ at TEDxVivekanandSchool

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In his pioneering effort, as an accessibility consultant, Siddhant Shah makes the artifacts, kept in museums, easily approachable to visually impaired through miniature tactile paintings. This moving talk discovers the pertinent need to connect the physically challenged with heritage and culture. Mr. Siddhant Shah, is a man with a difference. A heritage architect and accessibility consultant, he has been instrumental in playing a key role in bridging the gap between Cultural Heritage and disability. An agent of change, he is the youngest awardee to win a National recognition. Propelled with sensitivity, he has pushed the boundaries of physical, intellectual & social access in museums, monuments & other sites of cultural significance. His journey to translate innovativeness into productivity fuses with a mindful mission that preserves human dignity. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Senses 2.o – Serendipity Arts Festival 2017

Scope: Art Access Consultant, Outreach for Visually Impaired and others with special needs


  • SENSES 2.o
  • Tactile Art Walk
  • Tactile Repros
  • Braille book
  • Tactile Maps
  • Outreach
  • On-site activities and workshop
  • Intellectual Access
  • Social Access

The Festival believes and works toward making art accessible to all. In collaboration with Siddhant Shah, Serendipity Arts Festival organises the Senses 2.o programme for the less abled. Senses 2.0 is programmed with workshops and curated walks for the disabled and with workshops for audiences that work as sensitisation workshops. The products were designed to make the space more disabled-friendly and accessible. The main aim of this programme was to make the event, spaces and its artworks more welcoming and accessible to the visually impaired visitors along with others with special needs (hearing impaired, slow learners, learning disable and autistic) so that one goes back with a fulfilling experience. During the festival, SENSES 2.o reached out to over 210 special needs visitors and engaged them in various workshops and curated tactile art walks, from Panaji, Goa.


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