As Cites Grow, Disabled People Shouldn’t Be Left Behind, Says The Architect Who Made India’s First Braille Book On Museums

The ability to move freely in public spaces while experiencing things intellectually is an indisputable right for all of us. While we engage ourselves in our daily activities, we tend to ignore people with several disabilities. No, its not that we don’t care. In most of the cases we don’t know what to do about certain situations our fellow humans find themselves in.

While we, sometimes, wonder what can we do so that they become able to match the brisk pace of modern lifestyle, there are a lot of moments for them when they remain devoid of the ease with which others can get their work done.

A couple of weeks ago, the government finally passed The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2016 and included in it acid attack and Parkinson’s disease in the list of recognised disabilities. The work does not end here. We all have to contribute in all our ways to ensure that the new laws secure our fellow humans.

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