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‘Divine TOUCH’- a tactile art workshop for children with visual impairment

Tactile Braille Museum Guide Book

With an approach towards accessing and engaging with the stories of the various pieces of divinities in the collection of the museum, like Buddha and its various
representation from Central Asia and other parts, Mohini, Ganesha, Shiva, and for its wide array of specially able and visually challenged enthusiasts and history lovers, we present our proposal the Divine Touch.

The main aim of this proposal is to make the event, spaces and its programs more
welcoming and accessible to the visually impaired so that one goes back with a fulfilling experience. What we are focusing is on, is creating a tangible experience, with the use of braille equipped tactile renditions to understand the various conographies, symbols and representation of these divinities with our specially designed ‘Braille Tactile Art Charts’. So that they can go through the entire process by engaging their multiple senses.

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