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Siddhant Shah is a Disability Access & Outreach Consultant for the exhibitions held by DAG Modern. With the support from DAG Modern, he has designed a project called ‘ABHAS, a Tactile Experience’. This is India’s 1sttactile art interpretation program for visually impaired. The aim is to open the understanding of modern art to a wider audience including the visually impaired, while using all the senses. He has specially designed Tactile Repros along with Braille book on Indian Modern Masters.

ABHAS runs parallel along with the exhibitions held by DAG Modern in their galleries in New Delhi, Mumbai and New York along with their shows at the art-fairs across the globe. Till date ABHAS has impacted over 300 visually impaired kids across the country, with the help of our Braille Tactile adaptations. Shah has also designed activity kits for kids and young adults based on the exhibition.

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