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With the support of Sarmaya Trust, Siddhant Shahhas designed a program called ‘DASTAK @ Sarmaya – Disability Awareness and Sensitization Through Art Knowledge’

Dastak is a knock on the windows of the world, allowing one to explore art with a multi-sensory experience. It also subtly acts as a catalyst in making us aware of how, those who with special needs can access & experience art and cultural heritage of our country.

This project will help to connect with and interpret heritage objects in creative and innovative ways for diverse audiences including those with special needs. This kit will also be used as an outreach program for Sensitization and Disability Awareness for kids, young adults, professionals along with making them aware of our rich heritage.

10 works from the collection are selected, for which we have created Braille-Tactile reproductions and Braille book (for blind schools) for use at the tactile walk in Malaysia as well as in Mumbai and other cities in India.

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