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Serendipity Arts Festival

Tactile Braille Museum Guide Book


Tactile Art Walk
Tactile Repros
Braille book
Tactile Maps
On-site activities and workshop
Intellectual Access
Social Access
With an approach towards making the art-scape more accessible Siddhant Shah, art access consultant, was brought on board to create a tactile experiential program called, SENSES @ Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa 2016. The main aim of this program is to make the events, spaces and its artworks more welcoming and accessible to the visually impaired visitors along with others with special needs so that one goes back with a fulfilling experience.

He designed and created tactile maps, braille books, tactile reproductions of art works on display, tactile and braille equipped signage. He also conducted specially curated tactile art walks for kids with blind school and special needs school.

Shah has also designed ‘Kids Activity Sheets’ for the children and young minds to engage with space and the displayed works of art. He conducted a Blindfold Photography Workshop, where the participants clicked pictures without seeing.

The tactile products help everyone to understand the various aspects of the art-works through multiple senses. The products allowed a wide range of interaction with the artworks on display, thus making it UNIVERSAL to a large section of the society, which otherwise is left out of the circuit.

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