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Visually blind kid using tactile art
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‘Access For ALL’ aims at pushing the boundaries of physical, intellectual, and social access through innovative, indigenous design and advocacy while fostering an INCLUSIVE experiential culture. The team focuses on access audits, interpretation & educational activities, inclusive outreach programs, sensitization & awareness program, braille-tactile kits, braille books, and CSR-based engagement programs. 

Siddhant Shah is a Heritage Architect and Access Consultant who specializes in bridging the gap between Cultural Heritage and Disability, through his initiative #AccessForALL.  

Access for ALL partners with a range of experts depending upon the needs of a project.  The core support includes Anisha Shah, Anand Pandit (Architect), Smt. Vidhyalaxmi Dadapatil  (Artist and Special Education Teacher), Wilma Fernandez (Social Worker & Teacher), Vanghelis36 Kyriyakidis (Heritage Expert & Linguist), and Amit Marathe (Volunteer). 

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